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PostSubject: SRC/TSD AKS74U   SRC/TSD AKS74U Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 10:45 am

I am getting another review from the guy who wrote this, and yes. I didn't write this review, but I think I should just put up more reviews for the forum.

Got this gun from airsoftstation.com for about $280.....it was almost the same price as the m4(the other gun I review).

Came in a poorly laid out box....gun was basically loose in the box with 2 big flat pieces of foam under and on top of it. I don't really care about the box presentation so to speak, but this was pretty lame. Also in the box were the cleaning rod, little box of BBs which we all know to throw away, the stand ak74 flash hider and an extra mag.

It comes with two flash hiders actually, a M16 birdcage comes on the gun and the correct one comes in the box but in a separate package. It was convenient for me because I needed another orange one for my m4..

Comes with 2 mags. One bakalite style burnt orange 380 round hi cap. This mag feeds fine but fits VERY loosely into the mag well, enough to really annoy me. ( I bought new ones I'll talk about later) and an AK style black 600 round hi cap...This mag is useless, it started jamming right out of the box. Even though you could feel the pressure building when you wind it, no BBs would feed. I think they were jamming in the feed tube somehow....I threw it away..It's fair to mention though that the finish on that mag was second to none. It had a very nice blued steel finish that looked as good as you could want.....too bad it didn't work.

Everything is metal except the following:
pistol grip, bakalite mag, fore grip.

Receiver, top cover and butt stock are all STEEL, not pot metal. The rest of the metal is aluminum or magnesium. The fore grip is real wood and is finished very nicely. It has a deep reddish color and obviously has wood finish on it.

Basic externals front to back.
14mm CCW threads. aluminum outer barrel. The paint on this gun is the same quality as the m4 I have, fantastic. It's a reasonably dull black, not too shiny.

On this version, when you open the hinged top cover to remove/install the battery it does not have that pin that moves that allows you to remove the top hand gaurd.

Can fit a large battery seeing as basically the entire top of the gun is a battery compartment. The largest stick type battery I found to fit was a 9.6v 2200mah G&P battery. Then of course there's lots of room for lipos....but that obviously shouldn't be done w/o upgrades.

I've seen this on almost all aks74u's...when there is no battery in the gun the charging handle comes out of place VERY easily. When a battery is installed this problem goes away.

Sling points are on the front gas block and the base of the folding stock.

Folding stock has some wobble when in the extended position, this can be fixed if your creative.

Fire selector lever clicks responsively into each position.

Has the mount on the left side for optics, whoever invents the scope mount for this gun that allows you to still fold the stock will be a very rich person.

Basic internals front to back:
6.04 brass tightbore inner barrel
Metal hop up, slider type
V3 reinforced gearbox - can take those spring upgrades
M110 spring
Steel gears
Steel bushings
330-350 fps w/ .2 gram
100% TM compat
SRC Hi torque motor
Ported piston head

Now for the problems....

After I had this gun for about 6 days...I was out shooting and messing with the hop up. I adjusted the slider 1/2 way and tried to shoot, I could hear the gun cycle but nothing came out for a second then about 4 BBs "shotgunned" out...I cleared the gun and fired some dry shots which sounded good.....reloaded the mag and tried again with the same result only after a second it sounded like the gearbox was freewheeling ( which it was) BBs would just fall out of the barrel when I pulled the trigger. To me, it seemed that the hop up nub was closing off the barrel too much for a BB to even get through thus not allowing pressure to go anywhere and causing the piston to fail. TSD covers their products with a 60 day warranty. After calling and getting a RMA I sent the gun in. TSD will not pay shipping EITHER way for warranties which is really, really lame. When I got the RMA I was told to include a money order for $12 to cover the return shipping. They should at least cover shipping back to you. Weak. The whole process took about 2-3 weeks. It wasn't too annoying but they didn't let me know they had received the gun which I felt they should have. When I shipped it to them I paper clipped the money order to a note I had wrote to the technician describing exactly what I was doing and what the gun did at the time it broke. Several days later I received a e-mail saying they had received the gun but there was no money order in it...I e mailed back saying that it was absolutely in that box, after another 2 or 3 days I called them to see what was going on, the tech told me they were just going to ship it back to me and not to worry which was cool. What was not cool, was the tech didn't even see the note I wrote to him 'cause it was attached to the money order they lost. This means that he didn't see that he needed to check the hop up and not just replace the broken piston. By now it was too late and the gun was already on it's way back to me.

When I received the gun back besides the hop up still being jacked, on full auto it would skip 2 or 3 rounds for every 15 or so. At first I didn't notice it as bad but then either it got worse or just really started to annoy me. I called TSD and talked to their tech, Edgar. He's a cool guy who just wanted to get it right. I told him the new symptom and reminded him of the hop up issue. He issued me a RMA on the spot and assured me that I would get it back working 100% this time, and throw in a bag of 5000 .20g TSD BBs which is always nice. They paid shipping both ways as well. After 2 weeks or so I got the gun back for the second time and it is working flawlessly. It's has a very impressive rate of fire with a 9.6v. Worth mentioning: I also own a SRC/TSD M4, both of these guns are "generation two" from TSD. They have SRC gearboxes with the same internals. Recently upgrading my M4, I got a good look at the specifics of these gearboxes:

Steel gears, I bought gaurder 6mm ball bearings from evike.com. For some reason these did not fit. The "pin" of the gear that fits into the bearing/bushing was too large for the new bearings I got. The tech at evike said I would have to replace the gears to make them work.....I left the bushings in.

Plastic piston (4 hole) head
Plastic cylinder head
"Non air seal" air nozzle.
Tappet plate looks fine.
Plastic spring seat.
I learned that SRC high torque motors are not the best, ROF slowed a little more than I would like on my M4 (which has the same internals!) with the installation of a M120 spring. G&P M160 motor solved this.
OEM shim job was fantastic on the M4. Easy to say this gun is the same

I got some CYMA black bakalite magazine that fit WAY better in the gun, no wobble at all. Only these mags aren't very good either....One of them broke within the first week or so after being loaded 8 or 10 times. I was able to take it apart and fix it but I won't be buying anymore and I can't recommend them to anyone. I then bought CA black mags that have served me well.

The reason I feel this gun was worth the trouble for me is, if your going to buy an aks74u your "realistic" choices are $150 for Echo 1/cyma/Dboy that are just not in the same league as this gun or you pay 350+ - 400+ for a CA or VFC aks74u. The SRC/TSD version is right in the middle. It comes with a steel receiver top cover and stock then the rest is aluminum. The lower end ones, save the d boys, are pot metal etc. Dboy just comes with worse internals. Granted the SRC/TSD aks74u doesn't have 100% realistic touches on it such as the weld marks on the stock or the RS top cover button, but apparently if you need these things your going to be spending the extra for the CA or the VFC. For me this is just not necessary. Not to mention the fact that just because I experienced these problems doesn't mean everyone would. And I was taken care of by the warranty anyways. Good buy.

Chrono reveals about 320 FPS with .20 gram BB's.
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PostSubject: Re: SRC/TSD AKS74U   SRC/TSD AKS74U Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 10:52 am

Approved and moved
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PostSubject: Re: SRC/TSD AKS74U   SRC/TSD AKS74U Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 10:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: SRC/TSD AKS74U   SRC/TSD AKS74U Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 11:13 am

I'll see if the person who owns the gun can take pictures.
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PostSubject: Re: SRC/TSD AKS74U   SRC/TSD AKS74U Icon_minitime

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