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 Ghillieman(no i dont use ghillie /:)

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Ghillieman(no i dont use  ghillie /:) Empty
PostSubject: Ghillieman(no i dont use ghillie /:)   Ghillieman(no i dont use  ghillie /:) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 6:57 pm

I am ghillieman the awesome and have been on asf for about a year now. I was also the very first person to join this forum!!!!
I am very interested in sniper rifles and also sniping in airsoft(even though some people do not like it /:) I also am a sniper rifle collector and own a couple of AEGs now and then. But i have also been facsinated with sniper rifles simply because of the skill it takes to eliminate someone with it. It also gains you some respect from your former comrades using a bolt action instead of AEG. I espicially like geer also and love alice and molle even though i can be choosy sometimes. I own 3 loadouts including Woodland camo(use it during practice), MARPAT(use it during real games), and multicam(hardly ever use it). I like airsoft period. I have been airsofting for almost 2 years now and have learned ALOT in those 2 years from crossmans to tokyo maruis and all in bewteen. I am the leader of a fairly new airsoft/milsiming team called D.A.W.N. Airsoft and have bee training my team for about 6 months now. We are getting ready to play the SSRAS in a team vs team match soon. I am looking forward to collecting and enjoying airsoft for a longgggg time.
-Thank you
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Ghillieman(no i dont use ghillie /:)
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