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PostSubject: SRC/TSD M4 CQB   SRC/TSD M4 CQB Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 4:11 pm

Again, not my review...but by the guy who did the SRC AKS74U.

Thought I would offer some information on this model as I own it and there was basically non whatsoever available to me when I was looking....

Came in a poorly laid out box with some cheesy foam packaging, I'm a person that doesn't care too much about that but some people do. I'm more interested in the gun. Thankfully the packaging does not reflect the gun...

Full metal, plastic parts are: Pistol grip (motor cover is metal), rail COVERS, crane style stock (buffer tube metal) and for some reason that part between the buffer tube and the receiver, that can be replaced with a sling mount, is plastic...

Basic external features/ Accessories:
birdcage style flash hider blaze orange, mock suppressor not orange, 2 Hi cap(330) mags black, flat top receiver w/ detachable 614( diopter style) iron sights, crane style stock, aluminum RIS w/ rail covers. Does not come with battery.

The iron sights it comes with are basically useless. They are not adjustable in any way therefor if the gun doesn't happen to shoot exactly where the sights are, they don't really help.

The mags are flat black, I think they should be grey. I bought some G&G 550 round hi caps that fit basically perfect into this gun...and they are grey. They also say 5.56 NATO on the bottom which is a nice touch. I also installed some black magpuls.

Has 2 piece outer barrel, which in the beginning caused some barrel wobble issues. Basically, there are 2 allen head screws at the base of the outer barrel assembly that tighten the 2 pieces of the outer barrel together. The ones that comes in this gun are WAY too short. There's only about 2 or 3 threads that grab. I eventually took the outer barrel off and down to the hardware store along with some allen wrenches. After finding the right thread size I got the longest ones by simply threading them in and looking down the inside to see if they protruded in at all. This completely eradicated any barrel wobble at all. I can hold this gun up by the RIS without any movement whatsoever.

Does not come with any sling mounts. Except there are some slots in the butt stock that could be made to attach a sling to. I bought a weaver rail QD sling mount.

Forward assist depresses,obviously does nothing. The trigger guard folds down for gloves, charging handle pulls back dust cover to reveal faux bolt(fake bolts are an important look to me, sitting there shooting with the dust cover up looks funny....) and hop up adjustment. The tab on the charging handle inside the receiver that opens the dust cover broke after about four months.... so it no longer does that. The handle itself always fit very loosely into the receiver.

Entire gun is black, the finish on everything is fantastic. The paint is "very attached" to the metal (receiver made out of aluminum) It's very deep and I have no doubts about it's durability. Also, if it wears here and there a little it makes it look weathered anyways.

There is no upper receiver wobble whatsoever. They made it very sturdy by not only including upper receiver tabs that the rear receiver pin slides through, but by also including 2 "male" tabs at the rear of the lower receiver by the buffer tube that fit into "female" slots at matching place at the rear of the upper receiver. When disassembling, the upper receiver must be slid forward to separate them.

Selector switch clicks positively into each position.

Crane stock is OK, as usual, the battery plug tab things fall out pretty easy. I have had minor trouble with them during a game but for the most part they stayed put. The adjustment lever is also loose and rattles some. The battery cannot be installed from the back of the stock, it must be completely removed to install/change batteries.

I have modded this gun so I have first hand experience with the stock internals.

Tightbore 6.04 brass inner barrel.
Metal hop up
6mm V2 reinforced gearbox
M110 spring
Steel gears - GUARDER 6MM BALL BEARING BUSHINGS DO NOT FIT THESE GEARS. I bought them and when I attempted to install 'em I found that they are too small to fit the gears in this gear box.
Steel bushings
SRC Hi torque motor - When I installed a M120 spring the ROF decreased more than it should have. I learned that SRC motors are not the best quality...
4 hole plastic ported piston
Plastic cylinder head
"Non air seal" air nozzle
@ 330 fps w/ .20 gr. (Test with actual chrono confirms 330 at the most)
100% TM compatable
Individual serial numbers

List of internal mods to this gun:

Systema M120 variable pitch spring.
Systema ball bearing spring guide.
JBU aluminum 8 hole ball bearing piston head.
JBU aluminum "matching" cylinder head.
Guarder air seal nozzle.
G&P M160 motor.
Matrix hi speed piston with removable metal teeth strip.

I do not have an official chrono reading after the mods, however the poor mans chrono reveals somewhere around the 400-430 fps mark.

List of external mods to this gun:

Knights armory rail covers.
LXGD laser
TSD shorty silencer
G&G hi cap grey mags
Matrix panorama 4 reticule reflex sight

In short, this is a good buy. I've had a lot of fun with this gun and the current configuration is working great. It seems that ALL brands have their own problems, EVEN CA and TM OMG!. Sometimes it just takes a little thinking and you can fix them yourself. Cost me $280 from airsoftstation. Cheapest legit place I could find at the time.
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